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October Newsletter - An Invitation to Pause

candles and flowers laid out in a yoga class

Hello lovely It’s been a while!

It’s been good to get back to a full timetable of classes and one to one sessions over the last month after the summer break (you can check out my timetable here). There’s quite a few things that I thought I might have done by now (including writing this newsletter) but September flew by fast. For me personally there has been quite a lot of change lately, my youngest started school last month and I have been adjusting to days on my own. As I’m sure you can imagine that has brought with it many highs and lows and has given me a wonderful opportunity for reflection and introspection. As well as a ton more time to get stuff done! As ever my yoga practice has been vital in supporting me through this time, reminding me to pace myself, be compassionate to myself and my family and always to return to what is happening in the here and now when thoughts start to run in many directions. I have found it particularly useful lately to remind myself that all that is ever happening is what is here in this moment. By coming back to my senses and asking myself ‘what can I see, smell, hear, taste and touch right now?’ I can ground myself in the present moment. It reminds me that life unfolds one moment at a time, and by fully experiencing each moment, I can live more fully and peacefully.

Can you take one minute now to ask that question and tune into what is here and now? What can you see, smell, hear, taste and touch?

hands hold a yellow flower

Notice that anything your mind wants to tell you or distract you with, any worries you may have, are almost definitely not what’s happening here and now. Can you pause for just one minute in the direct experience of this moment and allow yourself that moment of rest from your mind and your thoughts? How does that feel?

As we come into October now the change of seasons is really apparent and I am genuinely loving this change. I do know though that not everyone finds this transition from summer into autumn to be an easy one and I have reflected a lot lately on how we can make this change more enjoyable. I will be weaving practices into classes through out the coming months to help us adjust and settle into autumn and winter. One thing that helps me appreciate the different seasons is regularly stopping to check in with each season and take stock of where nature is, what is going on around me and how that aligns with where I am at personally. Looking for what I can genuinely feel gratitude for with what has passed recently, what is here and what is coming. A moment of pause to recognise the beauty of nature and reflect on any lessons that has to teach me.

This is very much the focus of my Soulful Sundays class which made it’s return last week after a few months off for summer. This class has been running for a while (bar the summer break) and has changed over time but has come to be a wonderful exploration of the seasons and a chance to align with nature and reflect on what is going on for us each individually. In the last session we explored our individual 'harvests'—what we have accomplished over the past few months—and allowed ourselves the time and space to celebrate these achievements. We also connected in with the energy of the earth and made a step towards turning inwards and settling for the rest that is coming as winter approaches. Letting go of anything that no longer serves, just as the trees are preparing to let go of their leaves.

CAndles and flowers as a centre piece for a yoga class

Soulful Sundays happen every 6(ish) weeks at Upton Village hall. It’s 7-8:30pm and is generally an hour of mindful movement and half an hour yoga nidra relaxation. The lights are low and the music is sweet and it truly is a space to pamper and care for yourself. If that sounds like something you want to get involved in the dates for the next few months are below. Spaces are limited and booking early is advisable as it generally fills up fast. Drop me an email if you would like to join. 12th November 17th December 4th February 17th March

One to One Sessions

Of course one benefit of both my girls now being at school is that I have a fair bit more time during the days. This has already started to fill up (how does that happen so fast?!) but I do still have some time available each week for one to one yoga or yoga therapy appointments. If you have been thinking about working with me one to one now is the perfect time to get in touch. Whether you would like private yoga tuition or if you have a specific health concern that you would like to explore through yoga I would love to hear from you. I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss where you are at and how I may be able to help. Get in touch and we can arrange a time to talk. You can read more about yoga therapy on my website here.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Warmest wishes, Georgina x

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